Duc-HanhNGUYENI’m passionate about building a strongly connected and mindful fellow network through deep listening and understanding to empower and cultivate the potential of people that I connect with.  

I have a genuine desire in developing a mindful living and working community in which every member lives in  an understanding, harmonious and loving environment and helps each other to be their true selves, to develop their best potential and to contribute to the reaching of common goals.

Known as a ‘chief’ in the organizations I have worked with since 2011, I have risen within the ranks to reach a managerial level at a young age in corporate in Vietnam, such as TMG and Openasia Group. I have achieved this by inspiring and rallying my co-workers to use their potential to their fullest extent to build high-performing teams. I realize that high-performing team cannot be formed without building true understanding, compassion and trust among the members and that the well-being of the team is equally important to its achievement of meeting targets.

Leadership is not about being the ‘boss’, it is about supporting and nurturing the well-being of, the talents in and the positive energies among all members to go together in long run and to reach the common goals as a team. It is this philosophy that drives the interaction that I have with people daily.  Whether they are my work colleagues, gym buddies, friends and family members, I aim to inspire them to be the best they can.

After the 18 months in Paris of work pause, of sharp focus on expanding upon my knowledge on business strategy and vision at IÉSEG School of Management, and above all of looking deeply into myself, I have decided to take the next stride in my career trajectory by re-joining the Vietnamese market and by indulging my passion in my hometown.

Since “writing enables you to figure out what you are really thinking and really feeling” (*), I would like to use my blog posts to mark and share impressions, musings and learnings that I have encountered thus far on my journey for myself and also with the hope of sharing and igniting readersThanks for visiting and sharing your thoughts with me.

(*) Playing Big’ (2014) by Tara Mohr, founder of the global Playing Big leadership programme for women and an expert on women’s leadership and well-being.